Marcel Duchamp

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Marcel Duchamp
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About the Author
Anne d'Harnoncourt (September 7, 1943–June 1, 2008) was an American curator, museum director, and art historian specializing in modern art. She was the director and CEO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a post she held from 1982 until her death in 2008. She was also an expert scholar on the works of French artist Marcel Duchamp.

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Marcel Duchamp has changed the history of modern art. His impact on the twentieth century is rivaled only by that of Matisse and Picasso, and no other figure has so directly influenced recent art forms. This book offers ten original essays by eminent scholars and critics, which cover the artist's explorations in the areas of language, poetry and art. First published in 1973 to immediate acclaim, this monograph continues to be a definitive book on Duchamp. Lavishly illustrated, it documents his entire career.

  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • 10 9/10" x 8 2/5" x 9/10"
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1973
  • ISBN-13: 978-0870702952
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